Kathleen O'Neill – Creative Catalyst


I’m here to help you discover (or rediscover) your dreams and desires. I believe that each of us has a creative core that longs for expression.  I believe that the special dreams that keep coming into our hearts are the keys to what give our lives meaning. I believe that we can make these dreams real at any time in our lives – whenever it occurs is the right time. I also believe that the world – we – need to unleash much more of this energy.

I offer a personalized program to help you rekindle your passion and a safe place to explore that process.   Because the program is personalized the various techniques are suited to each individual quest.  We may use role-play or improv or memory games or any number of ways to unleash your imagination.  Together we will find a program that fits and make magic happen.

Why work with me?

I have over 25 years experience as an actor, director, playwright, world traveler and lover of the process.  I have my Master’s degree in Directing from Boston University.  I have been a teacher of children through University students.  I have acted in film, on TV and on stage.  I have traveled extensively. And that is only the outside part.  I believe I have deep insight into the creative process and I love sharing it and seeing it grow in others.  Most importantly, I am walking this path with you and know that I have much to give and much to receive.

Join me. Ignite your dream and light up your life!


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