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Quick Thoughts on a Photo

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So interesting! So there I am about to have my breakfast of toast and 2 hard boiled eggs (whites only) when I see my March copy of Vogue. The thought that this would be the perfect time to look at some gorgeous clothes just makes sense! And sure enough, as I page through the first few photographs I am chewing and thinking that more than the toast is yummy! Just checking out the pictures – glancing til a color or line of the fabric catches my eye and deserves 4 seconds instead of 2. I turn the page and look right, then left and go to turnwhen my mind lights flash. I stop and go back, left. And there she is, beautiful, looking out a window into the far distance like the visionary she is, and I start to laugh for she is clothed in black and white and framed with white walls and a black frame around the window. I laugh for the way we try to box/package a person in a way that serves what we want and/or need. She is the least black and white of all the candidates. She has been open, willing and courageous in creating her journey.

Her openness is there for all to see. She has lived a very public life and somehow has managed to keep a part of herself private. That is called sanity. A lesson in this current electronic age that we all need to learn.

She has been willing to listen to differing points of view, to ponder difficult issues and to take necessary actions. She has changed and grown and will continue to do so for the rest of her life. This is important to me. I don’t want someone who thinks they know it all to have their finger near any of the “buttons”.

Courageous is her core and centered in her love for this country and the process of democracy. Her life has been spent in pursuing and strengthening the very foundation of its ideals. Do I always agree with her, no. Do I support her, yes.

She is a symphony and maybe that is what concerns some people. As the Emperor said to Mozart, “too many notes”. Not only has she created a symphony, she clearly has the creative vision to conduct a symphony as well. We have 319,000,000 “notes” in our country’s population and are adding every day. I want a conductor who understands the importance of the relationships of each and all the notes. I believe that Hilary Clinton is such a conductor.

Thank you Vogue! WOW! You made my day!


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